Passionate about Photography

Passionate About Photography | | Intermediate Photography Course


I teach my Intermediate Photography courses in and around Portsmouth on the South Coast.

You will probably have a DSLR, mirrorless, or high end bridge camera to gain fully from this half day course.Passionate About Photography

This is a great course for people who already have some knowledge of digital photography and know how to use their cameras in fully manual mode. The course explores more advanced camera functions, flash, elements of good composition and various creative techniques. This a half day follow up of our Beginners walk course.

By ensuring that you understand what photography actually IS and how the digital camera works as a tool in this context you will gain an understanding and control of the system which no user manual or trial and error approach could ever hope to give you. Max 6 Students.

You will learn:

  • How to use flash to control contrast.
  • A quick overview of the photographers kit.
  • Getting serious with aperture and shutter speed control.
  • Exposure compensation.
  • How to use exposure locks.
  • Getting into manual exposure.
  • An introduction to the crucial relationship between flash, ISO, and shutter speed !
  • Indoor and low light shooting without flash.