Passionate about Photography

Passionate About Photography | Beginners Town Walk


I teach my Beginners Photography courses in Portsmouth Old Town on the South Coast.

I have created this course for people who have bought a high end compact, bridge, DSLR or mirrorless camera with lots of functions and have no idea how to use it. No prior knowledge is assumed and there are no such thing as stupid questions!

By the end of the walk you will be able to shoot in aperture, shutter, and yes even manual mode. You will learn to control the exposure, focus, depth of field, motion blur using your camera controls. You will also receive a grounding in composition – simple tricks to make your photos more dramatic and aesthetically pleasing.

While everyone learns differently, I work hard to ensure every student gets the very best from their day. I enbsure everyone leaves with a clear understanding of how their camera works and the confidence to use it on their own terms.

On this beginners course I cover the very basics of the science but cpncentrate far more on the camera as a tool for expression. You will be empowered to start taking photographs that mean something to you and are correctly exposed and you know why they look as they do. Max 6 Students

Beginners Photography Walk